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JosieJo's Great Big Pair of Tips
Christmas Show 2013

This is the JosieJo Show and each show contains two great tracks from two different artists, bands or other musical brilliantness type people for your aural delight. You deserve a bit of you time and I think you deserve a bit more right now so gather your nearest and dearest round the laptop, PC, tablet or other mobile device for a new seasonal tradition...listening to The JosieJo Show. Heck you can even listen on your own and guess what? I'm giving you four great tracks in this show. We'll start with a tribute to the late, great Nelson Mandela and then launch into three Christmas tunes that you may not have heard before, but may well become your traditional treats. It's the Christmas JosieJo Show, dontcha know?

So let's first give you the super wonderful world music talent of Paula Ryan. Paula was born in the Irish town of Colnmel. I stayed there this year and as far as I could see, as well as being stunningly beautiful, is a town built on the production of cider. As you can imagine it has a great tradition of live music and an incredible disappearing/reappearing mountain as the weather descends and lifts again. Paula has been producing music for many a year now and her style is incredibly diverse. Sometimes her sound is pure irish folk, then the next track will be good old American country, but the track I'm going to play has African roots and an almost worshipful feel, like a hymn sung in church.
She sent me this track “Lion In A Cage” just a few days after Nelson Mandela died and I meant to include it in a show just after his funeral, but I believe that it is still relevant now and will be as long as people remember the man and continue to celebrate his life through music. I never had the opportunity to meet him, but I was in the same room as him several times and I can honestly say that the effect of his presence seemed to change even the air we breathed. He seemed to invoke a sense of peace and calm over everyone present and this track really conveys that golden freedom. I have no idea how Paula creates these sounds and backgrounds to this track. Her website talks of tongue drums and darabukas and Jo, my percussion friend has just told me what those are, but quite frankly I just love the whole world feel of this music and this track is really up-lifting. Please enjoy Paula Ryan and “Lion in a Cage”

Awesome man and a wonderful tribute I think. Paula recently performed that track as part of a Mandela tribute and all accounts talk of it being very moving. So do you fancy a Christmas track? Do ya?
Well Beartown Zodiac are a Bournemouth band that have a Charity Christmas track out and I'm simply joyous to play you it. Beartown Zodiac are a four piece headed up by David Bird-Hawkins and I discovered them because I loved the fact that many of their songs were written whilst David travelled the world with his white, flying-V ukele and “Mountains in my Sunglasses” still rates as one of my absolute favourite tracks discovered in 2013. They also feature on a very exciting 10 inch vinyl compilation with three other artists from the Bournemouth recording studios of The Burrow and it's called The Burrow Compilation. However Beartown Zodiac have produced this Christmas track “Keep Christmas Just For Us” as a Charity single for Save The Children and it's available right now on their website so if you need one more wonderful present get yourself to there and purchase it for a good cause. It's a sweet track and perfect if you want to tell someone what they mean to you. Christmas comes with all sorts of pressures and stress, but this track will allow you a little time out to just care. Beartown Zodiac and “Keep Christmas Just For Us”

aww sweet! Are you fed up of Christmas yet? Are you? Fancy an antidote song? This next track is from JosieJo Show favourites The Penguin Party and I'm playing it because I can. Also I told Dave Milligan, who wrote this song about the fact that Oliver Cromwell banned Christmas and he included that fact in this track. It's cheery in its tune and grumpy in its sentiment. The Penguin Party and “It's Only Christmas, It'll Soon Be Over”

Genius. Go to to get your free download of that and check out their facebook page or mine to get a link to a great and very funny video of the song. You'll never be able to look at a cuddly penguin in the same way again after that. Righto. Getting Christmassy yet? Here's the mighty Stonehead from Norfolk England. Stonehead is a sculptor and musician of great talent and he can genuinely create anything out of pewter so if you have a belt buckle commission then visit his site Ok Folks. Get yourselves set for tuneful punk, and the Christmas song that every over forty- year old really wants to sing. Stonehead and “Gimme Toys”

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