Thursday, 16 January 2014

JosieJo's Great Big Pair of Tips
The JosieJo Show 15

Well hello. This is The JosieJo Show presenting you with two great tracks from two different artists for your aural delight and this week I may very well have a sneaky little bonus track for you at the end because you've been so good. Let's see what happens.

Caddy is the solo project of Tomas Dahl form Norway. I found him because he's been played by several American radio stations. These radio plays have all been by people that are passionate about independent music and we've been passing Tomas between us for a while now mostly because he has a great new single out called “Beautiful Strange”. Tomas brought an album out called “Electric Hero” back in 2010, although he has been touring and working as a session musician with many different bands for the past 15 years. He tells me that he's been in bands like Turbonegro and the Yums Yums and while this doesn't mean much to me I'm going to check them out after the show. I really like doing this show for several reasons and finding Caddy has recently highlighted some of those things for me. I love the journeys through music it takes me on, like following up this show by going to listen to Tomas's previous bands. I also love the community that I have found which has nurtured me since finding, firstly Scrub Radio, and then others. There are the others out there playing great music. Among those that have played Tomas for instance are Sparky Shockpop on Scrub Radio, the mighty Dennis “Songsmith” Holseybrook on Hamilton radio, Steve Jarrott on Qstar and Deb Millstein's Crystal Cavern Show on Hamilton Radio, Friday's 8pm Uk time 3pm EST.
Tomas was in a recent edition of Deb's The Crystal Cavern where artists choose an original favourite track of their own to be played alongside a track that they think has influenced that music. It's an original and interesting way of presenting new music and Deb would love it if you could tune in sometime. Treat yourself and make it soon.
Back to Caddy and his new single “Beautiful Strange”. It is the first single from a new album and is pop harmony produced, written and recorded by Tomas himself. It's a happy, upbeat track about sunlight, travelling and promises. I love its sense of youth, motion, progress and life. This is a good wake up track. It has hand claps, guitar solos and tinkling percussion. I like it. Caddy and “Beautiful Strange.”

That was Caddy and “Beautiful Strange” a project from Norwegian born Tomas Dahl.
Xander & The Keys are the next band to have taken my fancy. From Bournemouth in the UK Xander and the Keys formed after Luke Adams, their manager heard Xander play and decided to team him up with The Keys. Xander is the fun, bouncy front man who provides the vocals and guitar ably backed up by Lee Hammond, on bass, and Marko Owen, also known as “The Beast” on drums. Let's face it, it you're going to have a drummer with a nickname you probably can't get much better than “The Beast”. They've had a busy year, getting signed to Dorset based Red Dragon Records which is where I found them and September 2012 saw the launch of their debut EP “The First Marker”. They play live at the Thomas Tripp in Christchurch, England on January 18th 2014, the 24th at The Forester's Arms, in Andover Uk, followed up by a smattering of gigs within the South of England including at Blandford Forum and Wimborne. Incidentally, last time I looked Wimborne had a rather excellent Town Crier called Chris Brown, also known as Dapper Dan who has an incredibly encyclopaedic knowledge of music spanning back years and a passion for reggae like no one I have ever met (and I've met some reggae monomaniacs in my time).

This track, “Shivers” is the third from the EP “First Marker” and it does indeed have the ability to make me shiver. It has a floating start. The sound flickers in and out of focus creating a sort of pulsating quality. This makes it feel quite intense, like being in a crowded, noisy party as someone leans over and whispers in your ear turning an aural sensation into a physical one. Enjoy the exciting discomfort of Xander & the Keys and the track “Shivers”

Nice... Xander & the Keys there with “Shivers”
As a special meaty treat I'm going to play you out with the track I found in 2013 that stood out, for me, as a true anthem of my soul. Don't forget to follow me on Mixcloud so you'll always know when the next show is available, on Twitter @JosieJoShow for news events, gigs and releases, on the JosieJo Show facebook page for extra content and on Blogger and Tumblr for the show in text form including links to the tracks. Tell your friends and send them to so they can see and hear what you've been raving about. Now to play us out with their super, life-affirming track “Dr. Feelgood” is Ring Ring Rouge..oh and thank you for listening.

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