Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The JosieJo Show 7

JosieJo's Great Big Pair of Tips
The JosieJo Show 7

The first band this show are Two Man Ting the infectious duo John Lewis and Jah Man Aggey. Stand by for upbeatness and tonkingly good tunes. Now I'm not au fait with genres really. My love of music is not technical or even that well informed really, but I listen a lot and some of my best friends are musical heroes. When I played this to one of those musical heroes, the much more informed Dave Milligan, of Round At Milligan's fame, he described this as Highlife. I ran this description by John of Two Man Ting and he agreed that the tunes do have Highlife elements. This is sometimes known as Soukous. He then went on to detail other influences of their music and introduced me to some of the most delightful descriptions of genres I have ever heard. Amongst these were Palm Wine, or Maranga, jit-jive and acoustic dub. However, most reviewers of Two Man Ting seem to use the term “Sunshine” and I'd definitely go along with that. For me, the word that I just can't get away from when listening to their tunes is “Smiley” So if you need a bit of smiley sunshine with afro-roots check out their EP “Ar Lek U” or go onto their Facebook page and stream three tracks for free including this one “Duvet Song” It needs little explanation and is pretty much a song about wrapping yourself in a duvet and having a sunny day in bed regardless of the weather outside. I suspect much love has been made to this track. Two Man Ting and “Duvet Song”

Ahhh hahahaha The Sunshine sound of Two Man Ting and “Duvet Song”
The next track is a solo project from Francine Perry called la leif. Francine used to drum and sing in the fabulous band Apples and Eve who are sadly in the process of winding down. Their last gig will be on the 30th November 2013 at old Market in Brighton. Dave Milligan played a track of theirs on show 79 of Round At Milligan's and there is a link to all those shows on my webpage www.josiejoshow.com click on the link to listen to Round At Milligan's which is on the home page just below the link to listen to this show. That Show, Round At Milligan's 79 also has a track by Fran's brother Matthew Perry. It was very exciting to present the music of very talented siblings in the same show. I'll post a link to that on my Facebook page and you can listen to Apples and Eve by going to their facebook page. Francine's solo project though is brand new and very exciting. It's mesmeric electronica that's awesome in the sense that it induces awe. She has a haunting voice and weaves sound like silk. This track “Little Life” is like a water nymph gliding underwater; naiadic in its bewitching chant it harnesses the themes of time, temptation and the power of natural forces. The end is like breaking through the surface of water or waking from a dream. Surrender yourself to the enchanting music of la leif and “Little Life”

Gosh just beautiful. Check out the whole of  la leif on soundcloud and Francine is also working on a new duo called Brothers. Follow me on twitter and like my page on Facebook for news of all that and extra content including videos and photos. You can find both of those by searching for josiejo show or follow the links from my website www.josiejoshow.com
Let's bring back the mixtape and really share music with each other. If you have a favourite band or artist that you think really should be heard by more people then drop me a line josiejo@josiejoshow.com and tell your friends. Music is truly global now and sharing it is one of my passions. It takes me time to create this show for you but quite frankly if only one person hears it and finds something that moves them then it is worth every second. I mean this sincerely, Thank you for listening.