Monday, 28 April 2014

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The JosieJo Show 29

Welcome to The JosieJo Show. This week's two top tracks are brand new releases one from one man band Funke and the Two Tone Baby and the other from swedish Electro-pop creation Colleagues.
It's two great tunes hot off the press. Music doesn't get much fresher than this. Thank you for listening and letting me tell you about them.

So Funke and the Two Tone Baby. I actually can't believe that I haven't played him on The JosieJo Show before. Dan Turnbull is a one man band with the force of twenty. He's one of my absolute favourite discoveries of the last few years and he's tireless. Last year he played over 150 gigs. He's playing many festivals this year and he's one of the main reasons I'm going to Dogfest, Ferocious Dog's festival, in December 2014. Given how often he plays and how many towns and cities round Britain he appears at I can't believe I haven't managed to catch him live. Let me give you an idea of how hard he works. Think of a festival and this guy will be at it soon. May 1st Maidstone Fringe Festival, Kent? Yep he's there. The Cosmic Puffin Festival, Mersea Island, Essex? Yep! Funke and the Two Tone Baby will be there on Friday May 2nd. Then on the 3rd May he's playing Sweeps Festival in Rochester, Kent AND The Renegade Festival at Cafe Rene in Gloucester and on the 4th May he's at Filey Folk Festival in Yokshore. I like Funke so much I had to go back to all the old JosieJo shows to check I hadn't played him for you before. For a full review of his excellent album “Battles” stand by for it on Tumblr or go to my blogger page. Are you getting the idea that I really like this guys music? When I heard he had a new four track EP out called “The Last Thing We See is the Sea” I lapped it up. See what I did there? Lapping of waves. Never mind let's move on to the track. The track I'm going to play you is from that EP. It's called “The Great Storm” and it's chorus is the title of that EP. It has a great video which makes very moody atmospheric use of back projection and it really shows Funke's energy. It's really this energy that is so engaging about the music. This guy is a one man band. You know like with a guitar and harmonica strapped round his neck and percussion produced with any free limb he has, but he engages with his audience so much, even asking the fans to come down and soak him with water for one video and to film the song themselves for another, that he manages to become an interactive phenomenon. He pulls on the resources around him including his audience. “The Great Storm” is characterised by its passion. It feels like a tale told by a smoky fireplace by a wizened old man warning of the dangers of living too much and for too long. There is an almost biblical feel to it. The pace and energy kicks in right from the start, but watch out for the middle section which floats into a false sense of calm before the waves pound over you again sweeping you to the end of the track. The wonderful and indefatigable Funke and the Two Tone Baby and “The Great Storm”

Brilliant. That is out on the 16th June 2014. Try and catch him live and report back to me if you do. I'm making it my mission to catch him live at least once this year. All his gig dates are on his website Aswell as being quite remarkable himself he obviously surrounds himself with super talented people because his videos are all superbly produced and his fans are so loyal. It's for talent like that that I spend hours each week trawling through the internet, going to gigs and pestering everyone I meet for suggestions and pointers for great music.
This journey takes me in all sorts of directions and I hope that you enjoy it with me. Let's take you to Sweden next for electronic indie pop 'n' roll. Intrigued by that description I discovered Colleagues. They have just signed to In Stereo records which is a new label launched by Fierce Panda Records. I don't understand how the music industry works these days and I care even less. I know that I'll listen to anything and am indifferent to what people call genres, but I'm also aware that we like to call stuff by a name. All I know is that this is a great tune to dance to. It's called “Tears” and it's one track from a two track single “Tears/Parent's House” which comes with a free tote bag and is out on the 28th of April. I love the added value of music. I get quite inspired when releases become events or have extra interest, but when it comes down to it it is all about the track. “Tears” is about perspective, the passage of time, heartbreak and of finding who you really are. It has swirling dance beats and almost psychedelic sound. These make it feel as though we are watching our own selves from a great height; like an out of body experience or an epiphany. Time becomes an ever changing thing in this track. This is Colleagues and “Tears”

There you go two tracks by two different bands. I'm going to play out with another of my favourite discoveries “Mountains in My Sunglasses” by Beartown Zodiac because this is a “lift me up when I'm down” track and I really want to share it with you. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for bands or if you know of any gigs that I really shouldn't miss email me on Follow me on twitter to hear about gigs and new releases from bands around the world and thank you for listening. I wanted this week's outro to be in Swedish in honour of Colleagues, but I don't know anyone that speaks Swedish. I do, however have a German speaking friend so I got her to have the final word. Standby for that right at the end. In the meantime this is Beartown Zodiac and “Mountains in My Sunglasses”

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