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JosieJo's Great Big Pair of Tips
The JosieJo Show

Welcome to the JosieJo Show. Each week I try and bring you two tracks from two different bands or artists. I dig around on the internet, I go to gigs, I listen to lots and lots of music from all around the world, across many genres and I find tunes that really appeal to me. Then I put them into this show and upload it for you to enjoy in your own time, wherever and whenever you like. Share it around, introduce friends to it or just sneak a listen to it on your own and make it your special treat.
Just give it a go. This is the JosieJo Show.
First track is by a really special lady. Leyla McCalla was born in New York to Haitian parents and her solo music is really informed by this cultural influence. After spending time in Accra, Ghana and returning to America to study music she found herself playing her cello on the streets of New Orleans. Leyla found the spirit and French influences of New Orleans really inspiring and joined the Carolina Chocolate Drops, an African-American string band. Her solo album “Vari-Coloured Songs” is a tribute to American poet and author Langston Hughes and calls on his work as well as her own original music and Creole influences from Haiti. She also calls on her friends from The Carolina Chocolate Drops as well as New Orleans' Don Vappie on tenor banjo and Luke Winslow King on guitar. I was introduced to Leyla's work by a friend, Charmion who is fascinated and passionate about world music. One of Leyla's track featured on a compilation CD that came with Charmion's subscription to Songwriter magazine and she immediately found Leyla's tunes inspiring. She plays the album whenever she needs a lift. She plays it to her children and in the car, whenever she needs a bit of oomph.
The album is really quite awesome and can be found on Leyla's website This track “Girl” is available as a free download on her bandcamp page. It maybe isn't the jolly track you might be expecting considering the introduction so far, but it's a moving story told with an exceptional voice, with an unexpected string section that bends and weaves through the tale. Its slow start, bluegrass pace and directional changes make the abrupt end shocking every time I hear it. Crafted and thoughtful this is Leyla McCalla and “Girl”

Yep. It gets me every time. Leyla is gigging crazy right now. What I've seen of her on YouTube she is beautiful and dignified live. So what's next I hear you cry? 3 Daft Monkeys of course. This is essentially a band of wanderers. Formed in 1999 by Tim Ashton and Athene Roberts. They have extremely strong celtic roots and a theatrical style that goes through and beyond the music and these guys have music in their very souls. Athene the fiddle player started playing at just four years old when she started using an tiny violin which was an ornament on a friend's wall. The drummer, Richie used coloured pencils as drumsticks on empty ice-cream containers when his percussion education began. Luke, the bass player, has his own solo projects and is on the bill to play Ferocious Dog's December festival Dogfest in Warsop England. I'll be there and I can't wait. 3 Daft Monkeys are playing a gig in La Verriere in France on the 21st March 2014 and lots of UK Festivals, amongst others, Bearded Theory, Boomtown and on the 12th April they are on the list of superb acts to play Dan's birthday bash. That's Dan from Ferocious Dog. I really will have to play you some of their tracks, but for now back to 3 Daft Monkeys.
Their sixth and new album “Of Stones and Bones” is out right now and it is rooted in the landscape and heritage of Cornwall, England. The tracks are based round the stories and myths of this mystic and celtic land. This track “Morwenna” is no exception. It is evocative and emotional and has a swirling gypsy feel. It feels almost mesmeric which is beautifully fitting since it is a tale of a watery siren drawing the hero into an impossible relationship. It's heart breaking stuff, but the track really takes off in a very life affirming way. It's folk, rock, gypsy madness in the best possible way.
Get seduced by 3 Daft Monkeys and “Morwenna”
If you want to hear this track then go to and click listen to the show and choose Show 19
You can hear 3 Daft Monkey's “Sarah, The Devil and Jack” on their website
or other 3 Daft Monkey tracks here

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Tell your friends about me and up my likes on Facebook for some juicy good karma. I'll going to play you one more track by Hatmendo, the solo project of the late, great Andy Ropek. Andy used to run the amazing music evenings the Icarus Club in and around London. His legacy is continued by his good friend Phil Dearing. This is a great track and Dave played it on show 60 of Round At Milligan's. To hear that whole two hour show go to my website and click on the link to listen to Round At Milligan's. They are all there just waiting for you to listen to. Thanks to you for listening to the JosieJo Show. Here's Hatmendo and “I Could Be Persuaded”

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