Sunday, 8 December 2013

JosieJo's Great Big Pair of Tips
The JosieJo Show 12

Are you listening up? I hope so. I normally say this at the end, but I'm going to say it now because I mean it so much “Thank you for listening”. This is the JosieJo Show and each show includes two tracks from two different artists or bands and by the end of the show I do very much hope that you'll be glad you listened up. This show includes Israeli electronica and a track by a super talented first nations woman from British Columbia.
First to be listened up to is Syndrome a project in sound by Israeli born dudes now based in London. They are developing not just their musical sound, but a whole collaboration of video art and found sound. They are constantly swapping and sharing ideas with other artists, finding new ways of developing and experiencing music. They even play and record improvised sessions to create interesting and experimental sound. Their EP called “Colourful Cows” is a comment on how society is now and it uses many different genres, emotions, speeds and dynamic ranges to deliver its message. What's more it's available as a free download via the website They are really keen to hook up with a European band or artist to maybe swap and share venues with and are right now planning a summer tour.
I'm going to play you “Exhibition Trial” which is a harsh, often sinister track, about oppression and control as far as I can tell. It almost feels like something seen, but not quite seen; something heard, but not quite heard. As the track enters the centre of itself the soft piano is slightly discordantly under written by disturbing noises off as if within harmony there is always disquiet. There is another track on the EP called “Exhibition Trial II” which is much more based on this harmonious piano, but its video consists of moving camera shots and fast cut disturbing edits. This track has more of that disturbance and yet it still has a soft beauty. This is Syndrome and “Exhibition Trail”

Woof. Disturbing huh? Let's bring you something not quite so harsh. Ecko is a first nations woman from Sechelt, British Columbia (I'm not sure I pronounced that correctly. I'm not known for my correct pronunciation and would like to take this opportunity to apologise to MOXIE for saying that they come from Silgo when in fact they come from Sligo in Ireland. It's correct on my blog. Read that on Blogger or Tumblr if you want to check facts or spelling) Back to Ecko. She's on a mission to deliver her talent and beauty to the world. She's just successfully completed a fund raising project to allow her to travel to Los Angles to promote her modelling and acting career to the Model Talent Association in the new year. I send out my very best wishes to her for that. She has the beauty of a first nation's woman and an individuality that commands your attention. She will be showcasing her talent in L.A. , but the JosieJo show brings Ekco to you right now.
She admits to being a perfectionist and tells me that she doesn't think that this track is quite finished , but I love its delicate simplicity and lack of self pity. The message of this track “Hold Tight” is really just that – hold tight. We may walk a narrow path which can lurch between disaster and triumph, but as long as we believe and hold tight we can succeed. It's driven by the repeated beat and the punching rap that finds its flow and by the end swells around your head like a dream. It tails off into the distant future. This is the beautiful and multi-talented Ecko and “Hold Tight”

mmm “Hold Tight” and big JosieJo Show good luck wishes go out to Ecko for the Model Talent Association and wishing you all the best for a fabulous 2014. Don't forget you can hear all of the archived JosieJo shows on mixcloud. Just go to and click listen to the show. Like me on Facebook and visit the page for extra content and follow me on twitter @josiejoshow for news, events, gigs and releases. If you know of a band or artist that would like to be considered for a play on the show or just to let me know the tracks that have really rocked your boat, got under your skin or in anyway have made it into your favourite playlists then please drop me an old fashioned email Tell your friends about the show. You know that they deserve a fifteen minute break from stress and reality just like you do and I'll say it again because it never gets old “Thank you for listening”

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