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The JosieJo Show 8

JosieJo's Great Big Pair of Tips
The JosieJo Show 8

Greetings! I'm JosieJo and this is the JosieJo Show. I'm trying to bring you music that you maybe wouldn't normally hear, but music that may just become your inspiration, your song, or the tunes you share because they just make you smile. I find this music in the most surprising places, but the great thing about music now is it's out there for you to find and there are many people who want to share it with you. Some of the best sources for my tunes have been the internet radio stations that are available now and you can access them wherever you are in the world. I can highly recommend particular Djs such as Dennis “Songsmith” Holseybrook on www.hamiltonradio.com, the marathon Sunday sessions of Sparky on www.scrubradio.com and anything that Steve Jarrott produces on Tampa Bay Florida's www.qstarradio.com I say this because these guys need your listens to keep going. They don't just give musicians opportunities to have their music heard, they also form genuine communities through the loyalties they nurture and their chat rooms, so every now and then switch your listening habits from mainstream to independents. It will make a difference. This show is a snippet of those shows; a taster if you like. It's like popping round the shops for chocolate or a biscuit with your cup of tea (to translate a cookie with your coffee). It's your treat to yourself and this show, like all the others, has two tracks. One track is delicate and sparsely beautiful and the other is powerful, dangerous and strengthened with different styles. Let's show you what I mean. It's the JosieJo Show – let's give it a go.
Nottingham, England? Remember that? I've talked about it before because it really does have a wealth of musical talent coming out of it right now and Gallery 47 is no exception. Gallery 47 is a singer songwriter called Jack Peachey from Nottingham England who has complete control over his own sound. It's smoky club sound interweaved with the paranoia of caring, jealousy and just the basic toughness of being human. Similar to the oppression of possession, self awareness comes with a troubled mind.
This song is the first single from the Gallery 47's forthcoming album “All Will Be Well”. The single is being released on vinyl so it has two sides. The B side is “Please Not Yet”, but I have to play you the beautiful and fragile sound of the A side “Some Things”. The track is sparse, plucked guitar which provides the beat and the melody as the vocal harmonises over the top. I don't mean over the top in the exaggerated sense. This track is completely understated. The only thing “over the top” about it is that the vocal harmonizes “over the top” of the guitar. This is uncomplicated and seemingly effortless advocacy delivered in an unjudgemental way. If all the advice I was ever given was conveyed like this then I would pretty much be able to accept anything with no heartbreak. It's a shame that life isn't like this, but for the next few minutes let's enjoy the serenity and the lesson of Gallery 47's “Some Things”

“Some Things” by Gallery 47 and you can follow him on Twitter and check out his you tube channels for news of that vinyl single, the forth coming album and videos.
The next band Splext and the Effects have been played on Dave Milligan's show Round At Milligan's. When I introduced them on that show as one of my Great big Pair of Tips I said that the name of the bass player, Josh Sparkes always reads as Josh Sparkles to me and the band tells me that he really does, sparkle The bands vocals are provided by Splext himself and the wonderfully powerful Rachel Rose who is a solo artist in her own right. Splext also provides the synth, supported by Shane Green on guitar and Ben Jordan on drums. Their sound is ...well...what is it? It's a collaboration is what it is. Soft pop, rap, haunting female vocal, rock guitar, electronica, drum and bass, dubstep … confused? I'll tell you what; I'll get straight to the track. Let's not wait any longer. It's out the day this show gets uploaded. It's released 11th November 2013. The track is “Dangerous”. No I mean it's called “Dangerous”. I suppose it may be dangerous if you get distracted by it whilst walking your dog next to a cliff and you do a little skip to the beat or segway into an air guitar moment which insists you close your eyes and adopt a low stance whilst crossing a busy road. That is dangerous. Don't do that. That is a health and safety notice brought to you by The JosieJo Show. That's free. I'll give you that, but back to the track. “Dangerous” by Splext and the Effects is loud and proud. If you've not got guts, power and individuality then take a step back. Every member of the band brings something to this tune. Rachel Rose sings loud of the message that women are strong and not to be messed with. Shane's rock guitar hollers, Ben's drums push the whole thing through and Josh, of course, Sparkles. Splext comes in with unexpected, yet totally, naturally organic, rap. This track has it all. It's power pop, rock, rap and folk. Ok I'm just confusing you all now. It's powerful, that's all you need to know. Let me show you. Splext and the Effects and their brand new single “Dangerous”

Thanks to Splext and the Effects for sharing their brand new single with the JosieJo Show. Thank you for listening. Go to www.josiejoshow.com and click listen to the show for all the archived shows aswell as links to the bands, photos and the backstory to why this all started. Follow me on twitter @josiejoshow for news events gigs and releases and extra content on my facebook page. Tell your friends. It's like mixtapes without the pencils.

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