Wednesday, 11 September 2013

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On a sunny day, there is often an unexpected, deep joy involved in stumbling across good reggae gold. Nucleus Roots is such a sound. It's a pure reggae roots sound from Manchester, England fronted by Paul Lush. This sound comes straight from Partial Records reggae label run by my mate Liam McGurk who is passionate about everything reggae. I think his inner life must just feel like one big ball of yellow sunshine. The label is free from any whizzy graphics or aggressive marketing. It's sense of identity is parred down and committed to vinyl. You don't have to be a “reggae vinyl head” to love this label (the music is available on other formats), but it helps. There is almost a sense of White label-ness about the way it let's the music sell itself.
This track from Nucleus Roots is called “Deep Roots” and features Don Hartley. You can't get much groovier than this. It's recently been released on 10 inch vinyl that includes four mixes of the track. FOUR mixes. You can choose a different one for each day of the weekend and believe me a listen or two of this track will have you taking four day weekends as standard. There is nothing over flouncy or bone shaking about this track. It is was it is and it is Nucleus roots featuring Don Hartley and “Deep Roots”

Now here's a thing. Sound people, that is people that work in the artistic and technical field of sound, are often in bands. Uber aware of the effect of music on so many levels of our pyschological well being, soundies often take to instruments like clouds take to rain (don't analyse that simile too closely, just go with it). This band, Foley Artist, are no exception. You probably know that foley artists are the people that dub on those effective and often sub-concious sounds in films by stamping on gravel, hooting horns and generally having fun with sound. The band Foley Artist definitely has that sense of of the excitement and trickery of sound. They are based in the South of England and are three guys that take you on a journey.
This track, “Gravity”, is a six minute landscape of rock. I have no idea what genre or style you would call this so I'm just going to let you spend your time listening to the track, rather than reading my vague ramblings about it. It's spiky and quirky then flowing and harmonious. You'll come to your own conclusions about it I'm sure, but try not to just dip on and out of it and give the whole project a listen from start to end if you can.. Let Foley Artist take you on a trip with “Gravity”

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